About us

Lulepri brand was founded by Luciana Lepri, a self-taught artist. Her creativity and inspiration are the basis of her creations. After undergoing breast cancer, she decided that it was time to materialize her imagination in pieces that could inspire other women searching for empowerment.

Her bags are handmade by herself and a Brazilian artisan, manufactured with concepts of sustainability. Lu Lepri also committed to donating 5% of sales to organizations that support women with breast cancer.

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The story
behind the logo

“One night I dreamed of a colorful circle. When I woke up, I realized that I had dreamed of the circle of life: a breast that feeds and nurtures.

I took this vision and poured it out first on my canvas then on bags.” – Luciana Lepri

For our clients

We’re so please to be able to share our dreams with our clients and friends. Our mission is to provide the best quality product to our clients and help to inspire all the woman out there that wishes to overcome their fears and become anything they want to be.

Spirit of collaboration

Produced in Brazil, the creation of pirarucu leather supports communities in the Amazon biome through income generation and biodiversity preservation.

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