Ivory, Brown, and Blue Resilience Tote Bag


Ivory, Brown, and Blue Resilience Tote Bag

Transform possibilities into realities with this beautifully handmade tote bag. This exotic Brazilian leather bag serves as an inspiration for those who are seeking empowerment, creativity, and enlightenment. Let your inner peace and tranquility light your way to your happiest and most freeing self.

The signature Lu Lepri logo is the perfect touch to symbolize persevering in the face of adversity. This logo is representative of the different difficulties we all experience and the hardships that everyone has encountered. It is a symbol of overcoming life’s misfortunes paving your own path. The Lu Lepri design reminds you that the hardest times often lead to some of life’s greatest moments. Carrying Lu Lepri exemplifies conquering tough situations that will lead to a strong and powerful life change. 


Symbolic Meaning: Resiliency and persistence come from having worked through a difficult situation. These bags symbolize the joy and happiness of overcoming some of the hardest things that life throws at us. It serves as a constant reminder to keep going in the face of adversity.

High Quality Material: Made from the finest Brazilian calf leather and sustainable exotic Salmon fish leather, this rectangular bag will stand the test of time. The Salmon leather and silk zibeline lining add a gentle, soft touch to the bag. 100% made in Brazil.

Style: This bag contains one large pocket and a fixed leather hand strap. Perfect for casual wear, an evening out, or a weekend away, this stylish bag will make a statement wherever you go. 

Design: The ivory, brown and blue color is said to promote feelings of inspiration. The signature Lu Lepri™ in salmon fish skin leather logo is affixed on the front. 

  • Brown Salmon Fish Skin Exotic Leather
  • Ivory and Blue Calf Leather
  • Polished Gold Metal Snap Hook Hardware
  • Fixed Calf Leather Handle
  • Silk Zibeline Lining of Silk Zibeline

Height: 13.3″ / 34cm
Width: 16.5″ / 42cm
Depth: 4.7″ / 12cm
Handle: 7.8″ / 20cm