Yellow Courage Clutch


Speak and stand up for what you believe in. This exotic Brazilian leather clutch serves as an inspiration for those who are willing to look fear in the eye and keep on going. 

The signature Lu Lepri logo is the perfect touch to symbolize persevering in the face of adversity. This logo is representative of the different difficulties we all experience and the hardships that everyone has encountered. It is a symbol of overcoming life’s misfortunes paving your own path. The Lu Lepri design reminds you that the hardest times often lead to some of life’s greatest moments. Carrying Lu Lepri exemplifies conquering tough situations that will lead to a strong and powerful life change. 


Symbolic Meaning: This clutch symbolizes what it means to look fear in the eye and keep on pushing. It is a reminder that you can do more than you think if you overcome your fears.

High Quality Material: Made from pure silk yellow straw and of Brazilian royal blue calf leather, this rectangular clutch will stand the test of time. A magnetic golden button included. The silk zibeline lining adds a gentle, soft touch to the bag. 100% made in Brazil.

Style: Perfect for casual wear, an evening out, or a weekend away, this stylish bag will make a statement wherever you go. 

Design: The signature Lu Lepri™ logo is affixed on the front of the bag and is surrounded by yellow fringe pure silk straw.

  • Textile fibers are recycled at all stages of production
  • Production company is 100% powered by solar energy, known as Photovoltaic
  • Skillfully handmade by Lu Lepri and an artisan in Brazil
  • Royal Blue Calf Leather
  • Yellow Pure Silk Straw Hand Woven
  • Hotfix Royal Blue Hotfix Crystal
  • Polished Gold Metal Snap Button 
  • Silk Zibeline Lining of Silk Zibeline

Height: 8.2in / 21cm
Width: 13.7in / 35cm

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